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Achievement to Turner Wright as she Celebrate two decades of providing integrated science solutions

Turner Wright Limited will today roll out the drums to celebrate two decades of providing unique and effective animal health products and solutions. With several years of experience in handling Veterinary pharmaceuticals as well as providing technical support, supplying vaccines and Veterinary medicines to livestock farmers in Nigeria and parts of West Africa, the company has become a reference point in its niche. Dr. Tunde Lawal, the Managing Director of the firm expressed his joy and appreciation to the clients, stakeholders and staff for facilitating the operational excellence of the company despite daunting challenges. He further said the event will be used to honour outstanding members of staff as well as give long service awards to deserving members of staff.
Bemoaning challenges confronting the operational effectiveness of the company, Dr. Lawal lamented that Naira losing its value has been a major issue for them as it has made their operating cost to go up. He however pointed out that despite the challenges; Turner Wright Limited is poised to delight its customers by providing high quality animal health and service products and solutions as well as innovatively meeting their need first-time-all-the-time. Dr. Lawal further stressed that the government is talking about stimulating Agricultural export but doubts if they are walking the talk. “Yes, they are talking but I don’t know if they are walking the talk. They are talking about encouraging more people to go into agriculture as well as reviving the moribund textile industry and investing heavily in Cash and Food Crop production etc. They are working on all of that but the measureable effect on the economy is yet to be seen.
Agriculture is a long term subject but talking specifically about animal agriculture, I can confidently say that the poultry industry is growing as we are ranked number three in Africa and considering our population, we should actually be number one in poultry production in the continent. If the trend of investment continues with the relative peace currently being enjoyed in the North East, there’s some hope. Ordinarily, one would expect that with the emphasis on agriculture and solid minerals plus whatever we continue to get from the petroleum industry, bouncing back will not be a problem for us especially if the widespread corruption is considerably contained”.


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