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APC Has Fulfilled Its Covenant With Nigerians – Adamu

He said, “No Administration in the history of Nigeria has performed as much as we did in building key infrastructure and in uplifting the living conditions of the Nigerian people.

“Projects that once existed only in the dreams of Nigerians such as the Second Niger Bridge, complete rehabilitation of the Lagos-Ibadan dual carriageway, the Lagos-Ibadan express rail, the Abuja-Kaduna express light rail, the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano pipeline and many others, have either been started and completed during our Administration or have been inherited in abandoned conditions and have made rapid progress in the last seven years.

“No government can satisfy everybody, however hard it works. Some work will always be left undone and every work done will continue to need maintenance, expansion and improvement. We are however satisfied that APC has fulfilled its covenant with the Nigerian people. Of the three main pillars of its promises to the Nigerian people in 2015, that is, security, economy and anti-corruption, much progress has been recorded in all three areas and many more.”

Adamu, a former Nasarrawa State Governor, called on Nigerians to continue to support the party in order to achieve more.

According to him, “APC is set to do much, much more when Nigerians continue to bestow on us their love, support and confidence in next year’s general elections.”

He charged members of the party to renew their faith in the leadership at all levels even as he assured that he would work towards healing the wounds and carry out genuine reconciliation.

“We need to renew our faith in our party and its leadership at all levels in order to herald a new dawn. We need to commit to the resolution of our crisis within the confines of our party constitution. We must resist the temptation to blow every minor personal disagreement into a major party crisis. It is time for us to do things differently. When we quarrel, we open our flanks to our rival political parties that are only too eager to exploit them for their own benefit.

“I promise you here and now that we shall heal any wounds in our party; we shall effect lasting reconciliation among our members, and we shall go into the next general elections as a strong and united party. I offer my hands of friendship to all our members. I want to assure you that my colleagues and myself will run an open-door policy to all members of the party.”


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