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Edo PDP Berates APC, Chides Party For Spreading Rumours

The Edo State Peoples Democratic Party has accused the Stage All Progressives Congress of spreading Rumours that it described as a figment of the imagination of the States APC party leaders.

This was made known in a press release issued by the PDP’s Acting State Publicity Secretary,  Dr. Patrick Ojebuoboh in Benin City  today,  Friday  4th of March, 2022.

Below is a full text of the press release:

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has once again resorted to spreading lies and alternative facts in a failed attempt to gain sympathy and acceptance from Edo people.

It is not surprising that after months of inactivity the party has risen from its slumber through the recent statement by its spokesmen, Peter Igbinigie, Esq. The election season is nigh and the vituperations are sure to continue to pour in, even after the party failed the simple task of playing active and efficient opposition politics in the state since it was trashed in the last governorship election.

In its latest tirade, the party made spurious allegations against Governor Godwin Obaseki and the People Democratic Party (PDP)-led administration laced with treachery, lies, propaganda, subterfuge and fallacies, in a desperate attempt to appeal to parochial sentiments and emotions. It is necessary to set the record straight so as not to give life to the bare-faced lies and propaganda being bandied by the failed party.

_Insecurity and anti-grazing law_

Edo State, today, enjoys one of the most pragmatic security structures that make ample provision for community ownership of the policing and intelligence gathering system. This fact is attested to by different stakeholders in the state, as there is a heightened sense of security with a good network of intelligence officers spread across the state.

Much as it is advisable not to politicise issues of security, it is necessary to stress that the Nigeria Police Force, military and para-military agencies are active members of the state’s security architecture, which gets as much funding as is reasonable relative to the dwindling votes from the Federal Government. Nevertheless, Edo State cannot be isolated from the prevailing security realities in the country, even as the government has proactively designed a local template that is living up to its billing.

It is necessary to call on the APC to swallow their pride and applaud the PDP-led government for carrying every stakeholder along in the process of enshrining the anti-grazing law and not playing politics with such a sensitive matter.

_Infrastructure and Edo library_

On infrastructure, it is regrettable that the APC has continued with the idea of selling Edo people short on matters of development, thereby preferring that government sustains structures that hamper progress in the state. Else, why would the party think that the Edo Library building was the best fit for the state. The library during the immediate past administration was decrepit, derelict and a home for rodents and reptiles due to abandonment. It was a total eyesore. In its stead, the Obaseki-led government has attracted investment for constructing an ultramodern mall, in which ample provision is made for a befitting, bespoke library that would be the pride of all Edo people.

Aside the library, the PDP-government has prioritized and will continue to sustain investment in infrastructure to improve the living condition in the state. Together with public investment, the government has attracted private investment to provide even more amenities to the people.

_Attack on MEGA Agenda_

The attack on the Making Edo Great Again (MEGA) manifesto outs the APC as a cry baby and a sore loser. Edo people are witnesses to the sprouting of new businesses, in-flow of investment, better conditions for service in civil and public service in the state; a result-oriented education system, among others, which are benefits of the MEGA agenda. Today, the state is at the verge of becoming self-sufficient in power generation with the very successful Ossiomo Power Project, even as new industries are opening shop in the state. Along with these, the state’s 30-year development plan provides a clear path for sustaining the reforms being implemented by the government.


The allegations that there are plans by the government to take a N7 billion loan is laughable. Edo APC is notorious for spreading rumours and this is evidently one of such. The allegation is a figment of the imagination of the party’s leadership.

It is clear that APC has nothing to say but like the cock, it needed to crow so Edo people do not forget that it’s carcass is still in Edo State.



Dr Patrick Ojebuoboh
Acting State Publicity Secretary.

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