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‘We’re FED UP of seeing migrants!’ Radio caller’s hateful Brexit rant shocks host

A FUMING woman launched a scathing attack on immigration in the UK before criticising “rich people” for moaning about Brexit.

Radio caller Keely from Dundee did not hold back during a live phone-in after Dame Louise Casey said migrants should get lessons in how to queue, when to put their rubbish out and how to “be nice”.

The senior civil servant, who published a landmark review into community integration last year, stood by her call for new arrivals to take an oath of allegiance.

Speaking to online station Talk2Me Radio, Keely said: “We just want to get rid of these migrants, we’re fed up seeing them and… we’re fed up of hearing them.

“Okay, they’re here what are we going to do about it? We can’t do a damn thing.”

Host Jon Gaunt hit back and asked how the UK would plug gaps in industry caused by a massive fall in migration.

“So who is going to pick the lettuce? Pick the peas? Who is going to work in the old people’s home?” he asked.

But the caller hit back and said life will still go on without immigrants.

She said: “Sorry Jon, I used to eat lettuce when I was a girl, I used to have peas when I was a girl. Life can go on the same as before.

“You know why we need more migrants to pick more? Because there’s more people!”

The angry rant comes after she blasted “rich people” over Brexit.

“To me, the whole thing is this all about rich people as always,” she said. “This is about rich people losing all their perks, losing all their money that they’re getting.

“To get us out of the EU, we’ve got to lose a couple quid – we’ll manage, poor people have always managed and we will continue to manage.”

Also speaking on the show was Ukip immigration spokesman John Bickley, who said immigration was not a problem entirely.

He said: “Most of the problems we have is not with immigration per say – we’ve always been a country that for centuries has been attractive for immigrants who come here and added value.

“It’s about the force and pace of immigration and this is something we’ve always said is the real issue.”

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