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Kim Kardashian Just Schooled Rob & Chyna On The Art Of Brand Management

Kim Kardashian West, who is mysteriously now going by just “Kim” on Instagram and Twitter, recently released a heartwarming video on her official website. The video is a collection of clips featuring her, Kanye, North, and Saint West that broadcasts a clear statement and demonstrates once again that she is a social media genius.

The footage really is very candid: Kanye West smiles for almost four whole minutes, Saint West vomits and his big sis North cleans it up (it would be disgusting if it wasn’t so cute), and Kim K walks backwards to guide a freshly waddling baby Saint in 6-inch heels. The whole thing is set to Jeremih’s beautiful medley, “Paradise.” It’s a beautiful behind-the-scenes look at the family that will make you feel all of the things.

But emotional appeal aside, Kim K just proved why she’s the reigning queen of the internet — even after a 13-week absence on Instagram. The message she intends to convey to the public is clear: “My family and I are doing well. We’re still a united front. To hell with your ‘trouble in paradise’ headlines.”

Without a saying a word or taking a pic, Kim created some buzz and shifted the narrative away from the possibility of a Kimye divorce. Not to mention she tempted everyone to sign up for her site, because who doesn’t want to see more videos of North West running around the house? The video is tasteful and subtle, but powerful. As a public relations move, it was perfectly executed. There are definitely levels to handling the public, and Kim is in the master class.

Hopefully her younger brother and former friend/future sister-in-law are taking note. The drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has played out on Instagram in a series of screenshots, scattered iPhone notes, and sloppy diet promos. Their public fights are immature, messy, and have done nothing for their brands except give us a reason to roll our eyes every time we see a headline with “Rob” or “Chyna” in it. They have a unique opportunity to learn from the best; they need to start using it.

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