…The Sen. Clifford Ordia factor
Political will and dogged representation should form the basis of elections. It is not enough to agitate for a change of baton without recourse to acceptability and performance. These indices are vital in adopting candidates that will occupy positions in the next dispensation.
In the contemporary Nigerian Politics, there are no tenure restriction for legislators. By inference, there should be no barrier to legislators seeking for another term in office. The gains from being a ranking Senator and Representative, overweighs the hullabaloo and the distraction in the form of ‘Ebola’ and Ebakota which was NEVER in existence.
It confers on the legislator an opportunity for higher and juicy positions which will translate to more aides, development and project execution.
“Edo Central Senatorial District as a case study*
Unfortunately, most people aspire to positions without experience and clear cut agenda to address the ills of the people. The rippling effect is always disastrous. A Senator that is committed and focused in attracting development to his constituency should be embraced by his constituents. A representative who feels the pulse and yearnings of his people is a formidable asset that cannot be discarded.
Basic and social amenities are necessities of life. When these amenities are given priority attention as seen in the case of Sen. Engr. Clifford Ordia, in his Bills and Motions in the floor of the Senate, it tells a lot about his capacity to deliver in his legislative duties. What is expedient at this time is to ensure that the continuity project is sustained.
Signed: Ordia Continuing Project 2023.

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