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Military will ensure smooth handover on May 29

May 29 handover remain sacrosanct – Military assures

The Nigerian Military has once again assured of seamless handing over to a new civilian administration on May 29.
The Military High Command said it will work with the Police and intelligence community to nip in the bud all threats to national security.

It was reacting to calls by some individuals for Interim Government and threats by terror groups to halt the transition period.

Director Defence Media Operations Maj.-Gen. Musa Danmadami conveyed the assurances of the Military High Command during a briefing at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja.

He said: “As far as the internal security of the nation is concerned, the police is the lead agency. We are only providing assistance to civil authority and civil power. Just like the general elections came and gone and winners have been announced, the transition of power will also come and go peacefully. People are just being apprehensive and situated that are not there.

“You will recall that there was a United States (US) travel advisory and up till now we are still waiting for the consequences. People have been predicting that the country is finished but nothing has happened up till now. As members of the armed forces, like I always tell you, we are not resting on our oars to ensure that peace and security are sustained in this country.

“I equally assure you also that the intelligence community are working round the clock just as the Armed Forces are working to ensure there is peace and tranquillity. And I can assure you that there are a lot of follow-up operations going on round the clock. Every day people are being arrested. People who are on the verge of committing crimes are being arrested, and people who are moving weapons from one point to the other to go and commit crimes are being arrested every day as reflected in today’s briefing.

“So both the intelligence community and members of the Armed Forces are working round the clock to make sure we nip these things in the bud and if it happens, we respond to it appropriately. So people should not be afraid that when the present administration hands over there will be calamity all over the place. I can assure you that we are ready to address whatever security challenge that comes up. So people should go about their normal duties and forget about the unnecessary apprehensions that people are causing to put Nigerians on their head. No cause for alarm, everything is under control.”


Source : DailyTimes

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