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My Poem For The Armed Forces Remembrance Day: And He Died!

Dr. Kevin Fyneface

He Died In His National Uniform, With The Weapon Given To Him To Defend The Nation, From The Enemy Within and Without; What A Sorry State Of Living!

And He Died, When His Death Could Have Been Avoided; Yes, Avoided, If He Had A True Selfless Leader and Not The Blood Sucking Misfit Opportunists In Power!

And He Died, Not Because He Didn’t Know What To Do; But, Because Of Ethno-Religious Sentiments, He Was Sabotaged!

And He Died and Was Tagged The Unknown Soldier! While Those Who Fought Alongside With Him That Are Alive Are Called Legions Without Adequate Care For Their Sacrifices; What A Shame!

Today, His Death Will Be Remembered With Wreaths Laid At The Cenotaphs Across The Nation; As If To Share Care and Remorse For His Avoidable Death!

Meanwhile, Those Responsible For His Avoidable Death Walk Around Treated Like Monarchs With More Money From His Welfare In Their Pockets, As They Faked Remorse and Later Go To Dine To Celebrate His Death! What A Witchcraft Practice There Is?
Shame On Them!

He Died and Died For Nothing Worth His Death; But, For The Failed System, Designed To Perpetuate Mediocrity, Wickedness and Sorcery!

O Lord God Almighty, Have Mercy On All Of Us and Heal The Land!
Nigeria 🇳🇬 We Hail Thee, Our Hope For Years To Come!
God Bless Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Her Citizens!

-The Wits Of Kevin Fyneface-



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