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N10bn Scam: Reveal Military Officer’s Identity, Coalition Urges EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Office of the National Security Adviser have been asked to make public the identity of the military officer involved in N10 billion fraud.

About three days ago, the EFFC listed some properties said to have been seized from a military officer who worked in the office of the NSA.

The EFCC said it secured a final forfeiture order on some identified properties and assets valued at over N10b from a military officer.

But the Coalition for Truth and Justice said in Abuja on Friday that blanket use of “military officer” in corruption cases would demoralize troops.

According to the group, the whole truth should be made public.

The National Coordinator of CTJ, Charles Timothy, told j ournalists that the implication of the action of the EFCC was that it had the tendency to send the wrong signal to the military constituency, which might bring about unnecessary and unreasonable suspicion amongst military officers, and the attendant impact it might have on their productivity level.

”The CTJ views the actions of the EFCC as an affront on our sensibilities by electing to act like it is unaware that the monies and the principal suspect have their origin from the Office of the National Security Adviser.

”Therefore, the coinage military officer by the EFCC is bewildering because the indices are clear as regards the fact that the said military officer was acting for a powerful interest in the Office of the National Security Adviser.

”We are also alarmed that the EFFC, either by omission or commission, elected to be clever by half. But they failed to realize that their actions have the tendency to affect the psychological state of those in the trenches fighting and sacrificing themselves for the country.

Credit: THE PUNCH.

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