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No expired rice in Imo —Govt

The Imo State government, yesterday, denied that there were “expired” bags of rice IMPORTED into the state. The Commissioner for Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Hon. Udo Agoha, stated this while fielding questions from Vanguard. When Vanguard asked about alleged expired bags of rice packed at the Imo International Convention Centre, IICC, and covered with black nylon, he said: “We accepted the bags of rice on the condition that anyone that is bad will be returned.” The commissioner said a case where many bags of rice were supplied, “there could be spoiled ones.
“It is only few that are found to be bad. They are being removed. The ones that are bad have been returned. In the course of bringing the bags of rice, water might have touched one or two. Those are the ones that are being returned.” Vanguard went further to get a reaction from the Commissioner for Information, Tourism and Public Utilities, Obinna Nshirim, but he shunned the reporter. While speaking on PHONE, he said: “I do not know what to say, when I went to the radio and asked people to listen to the radio, you people reported that I said Igbo are not enlightened.” he hung up the phone.


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